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Count on the staff at Fragrances By Lane to offer great women fragrances and men cologne, we also have a membership funding club for our members, this club provide funds for it's member without the worry of repayment,  with the purchase of one fragrance or cologne and the membership fee you are in the club.


Our Company Beliefs

1. Integrity- Being honest in all of our business activities

2.  Teamwork- We uphold the highest standards of business practice

3. Trust- We will always communicate with you honestly

Most American find it hard to save up enough money for emergency use and the future, we are clipping away at credit cards and the debt continues to grow. Saving is like an impossible dream. Join the Fragrances By Lane funding club and it just might make your dream come true. We work with a number of club members a year to help them get out from under the debt slump, without  repayment of any kind. The Economy is in a slump, with no real back up plan, but if you were a member of FBL Club, you might not have to worry about this problem because you may  be one of the chosen one to receive the funds.

We are taking application for the 2014 year, all you have to do is purchase one product and send in your membership fee for 100 dollars and you are in.We have many programs so if you are not in one you may be in the other. After signing up and submitting your fee, you will be sent a detail information on how the program works.

So choose your fragrance or cologne and sign up today, by filling out the information form on this website, if we do not have your fragrance listed, please call 337 359 9156 and we will be more than glad to help you. Must be 18 years or older to participate in the club. Relative of Fragrances By Lane are not allowed to participate in the membership program, but may purchase a fragrance or cologne of their choice.

There are no refunds on the Membership fee, we use these  fund to help our members, you may return a purchase of product for one of the same value. Please allow two weeks for your delivery. Any problem call the number above and we will be glad  help you.

Thanks Again and Welcome



Members will receive 10% off 1st purchase

20% off 2nd purchase

                         HURRY WHILE SUPPY LAST!





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